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I’m now working a lot more than ever with complexity and chaotic lifestyles in my NHS work and it’s interesting.. what comes first? The chicken or the egg? Do we experience trauma & learn to avoid the pain by self medicating/over working/hiding away or a variety of other ‘coping’ mechanisms..or do we do the above & then develop an addiction/burn out/ never learn the steps of how to engage with others?

As we all become stressed at points in our lives.. it’s the learning how to handle it that helps… saying that we all experience trauma.. even if that’s a ‘small T’ like our very first day at school when we let go of the hand of our attachment figure... it’s how we learn to handle those feelings. A supportive environment, feeling listened to & heard, a hug, someone saying it’s okay. Learning from infancy that the face we stare at mirrors ours in a warm functional secure way leading hopefully for us to develop a secure attachment style.. as we are aware this doesn’t always happen.

Attachment Theory is so very interesting (as is everything in psychology). I hope to talk more in-depth about this very soon.

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